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Spring 2017

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01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 01. Chef Dino Sforza 02. Livia Feig, Valerie Fischel 03. Chef Jonathan Mathias, A Dash fo Salt Catering 04. Diana and Nestor Sawicki 05. Chefs, Elaine Rubinson, Tony Aitoro 06. Barbara Frances, Janet Malang 07. Janet and Lucien Burnett, Anne Kneisel 08. Mary Spengler, Matt Anderson 09. Spike Lipschutz, Kathy Carley-Spanier, Marc Kosak LOOK G R E E N W I C H Clothes to Kids' mission is to provide new and quality used clothing to low-income or in-crisis school age children in Fairfi eld County CT, free of charge. CTKF envisions a community in which every school age child has quality clothing so that she may attend school with the confi dence and self-esteem needed to achieve academic success. The Osborn hosted a special luncheon to honor three women who make a diff erence in the lives of our communities. The Miriam A. Osborn Foundress award was given to: Kathy Carley-Spanier, Greenwich Hospital's Director of Community Health; Mary Spengler, CEO of Hospice of Westchester, and Janet Malang, former VP of Sterling Park, independent living community. Since 1996, Osborn Home Care has been providing outstanding care for residents on The Osborn's 56- acre Rye campus, and for seniors in their homes in Westchester. The organization recently opened an offi ce Greenwich, Connecticut, to off er homemaker companion services in lower Fairfi eld County. Local chefs got together to "Cook for Kids" at Aitoro. Miriam A. Osborn "Women Who Make a Difference" Luncheon Clothes to Kids Fundraiser Miriam A. Osborn "Women Who Make a Diff erence" Luncheon

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