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Spring 2017

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01. Kate Minchin, Libby Welch, Bonnie Geller 02. Christie Delany, Dr. James Baker, Debbie Hires 03. Michele Wolfram, Katie Rogers, Mike Catell 04. Antoinette Griffi th, Laurie Cassoli 05. Jennifer Molloy, Julie Karish, Hillary Carter, Jennifer Miller 06. Nisha Hurst, Elizabeth Hopley 07. Tracy Wendell, Jennifer Molloy, Amanda Lynch 08. Ali Fels, Kristin Duda, Andra Newman, Nicole Arnold 09. Katie Rogers, Sophie Dowling, Mary Jane Marchisotto, Dr. James Baker 01 02 03 05 04 06 07 08 09 On Wednesday, November 2nd, 45 food allergy advocates gathered at The Field Club of Greenwich to learn more about the current state of food allergy research. James R. Baker, Jr. MD, CEO and Chief Medical Offi cer of Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) delivered the presentation and answered questions about the hopeful new treatments for this potentially life-threatening disease, which is an emerging epidemic in the U.S. Food Allergy Research & Education Luncheon Attendees were excited to hear about the hopeful new treatments coming to light. LOOK G R E E N W I C H

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