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Spring 2017

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but there isn't much room at my galleries," Milazzo says. "Here I'm putting all the furniture on wheels so it can be rolled away when we have a big gathering." A large portion of floor space at the warehouse belongs to the studio art- ist Charles Patrick. Visitors to Milazzo's galleries began buzzing about this art world newcomer last year. He specializes in "Butterfly Compositions," clean-lined collages composed of hundreds of tiny paper butterflies delicately tacked to canvas boards with entomology pins. From a distance, the viewer sees symbols: a peace sign, a heart, a spiral. Up close, the designs are surprisingly complex. A blue peace sign is composed of butterflies cut from NYC subway maps; a pink heart is composed of butterflies cut from Indonesian currency. O P E R A T O R , L E E M I L A Z Z O I S A M A N O F M A N Y T A L E N T S By Nancy Better Photographs by ChiChi UbiƱa

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