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Spring 2017

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Victoria Triplett It's a long way from Moscow to Greenwich, but Victoria Triplett is feeling very much at home. Victoria has supported the Greenwich International Film Festival since its inception. This year she is also on the Opening Night Party committee where she can apply her knowledge of film and PR. Victoria met her husband Mike in Moscow when she was studying for her masters in journalism and working part-time in PR for a St. Petersburg-based film company. What was supposed to be a short visit to see Mike in NYC turned out to be where the couple would start their life together and where Victoria loved going to the Tribeca Film Festival. When Mike wanted more room to spread out but Victoria wanted to stay close to Manhattan, they landed in Greenwich. "I was excited about the idea of the film festival as soon as I heard about it and wanted to help. It's a great platform for filmmakers. It gives them an audience and can be a stepping stone to their next project." Victoria also keeps herself involved in the NYC cultural community through her position as board member for the American Federation of Arts – a century- old nonprofit specializing in art exhibitions that travel the globe. Kate (Murphy) Clark "It's exciting to have a group of strong women creating the film festival in our own town," so begins Kate Clark. Kate puts her spirit and money behind endeavors she believes in. Kate and her husband Jim underwrote the festival's debut Social Impact panel, stepped up again in 2016 to underwrite Best Short Film, and will be sponsors again in 2017, though which category remains TBD. The Clarks' support of the arts also extends to SMU, Kate's alma mater, where they established a scholarship for students at the Meadow School of the Arts. This philanthropically minded couple – he's a lawyer in NYC, she designed for johnny-O and worked at Ralph Lauren - is also very committed to child welfare. "We want to make sure children are protected and have every tool necessary to grow up and be the best person they can be," says Kate. Among the charities that the Clarks support is funding a pediatric ER room at the new Stamford Hospital. Kate also serves on the board of Family Centers and recently joined the board at Maria Fareri Children's Hospital, both are local charity beneficiaries of GIFF this year. Melissa and Geoffrey Bradshaw-Mack It doesn't get more serendipitous than this. Not only is Geoffrey Bradshaw-Mack the brother of GIFF founder Carina Crain, he also went to middle school for a short while in, of all places, Cannes. "Becoming involved in GIFF was natural," he says. Melissa adds, "With Fairfield County home to so may people in film and literature, it makes sense to have a festival here." The Bradshaw-Macks like to keep their charitable giving focused on Connecticut-based nonprofits with causes close to their hearts. Their foundation covers A (AmeriCares) to Z (Beardsley Zoo). While Geoff is immersed in the hedge fund world as Senior Managing Director at Far Hills Group, Melissa is a GIA certified pri - vate jeweler whose specialty is sourcing gemstones for signifi- cant pieces of jewelry. To raise money at charitable events Melissa will auction an outing to 47th Street where she accom- panies the recipient and a few lucky friends to see diamond cutting, CAD design, and stone setting in jewelers' workshops. At the end of the day, the donor has the opportunity to buy a gem at wholesale prices. Melissa would bestow jewelry Oscars to the natural unheated sapphire necklace worn by Tina Fey to the 2016 Academy Awards and Angelina Jolie's jaw-dropping, perfectly round emerald earrings.

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