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ASTROLOGY Spring into transition. By Terence Guardino To learn more about his services and to watch his monthly video forecasts, please visit ARIES: April is a month of transitions. The launch of the new birthday cycle commences with relational Venus and communication Mercury in retrograde. This month can test your relationships and could make expressing your ideas more difficult. May is more favorable for career advancement with diplomatic Venus back in Aries and responsible Saturn and liberating Uranus in har - mony. This is a good time for learning new work skills and Internet market- ing. June will increase your income – as long as you don't spend it all. TAURUS: April could have you busy developing pro- jects behind the scenes but with many revisions as discerning Mer- cury is retrograde. However, you could be ready to launch any new ventures after May 3rd when Mercury turns di- rect. Business Saturn will be harmony with innovative Uranus in May, which could help you renegotiate previous financial agreements or sign new contracts. June has romantic Venus in Taurus – that bodes well for falling in love and being more social. GEMINI: April starts slug- gish with Sun highlighting your aspirations but your ruling planet Mercury in retrograde. This will compel you to step back and reconsider your goals with ambitious Mars in a holding pattern. This month is best for working alone and developing future projects. May has responsible Saturn in harmony with inventive Uranus, which will bring you exciting business of- fers from friends or associates. June be- gins a new birthday cycle with assertive Mars pushing you to sell and promote yourself, your ideas or products. CANCER: Business will be in focus in April but with ana- lytical Mercury retrograde it will have you delaying plans or mak- ing revisions before taking action. In May diplomatic Venus has you charm- ing others while focused Saturn in your work sector is in harmony with inventive Uranus in your career sector creating the stage for a new job or launching a new business. June has ambitious Mars in Cancer stimulating a great deal of activity and giving you the courage to ask for what want and advance your business - just don't be too pushy! LEO: April could have you rescheduling travel plans with communication Mer- cury in retrograde and aggressive Mars transiting your career sector caus- ing you to be too busy to leave your job. But in May pleasure-seeking Ve- nus will enter your travel sector along with the Sun also entering your career sector so you could combine a busi- ness trip with a vacation! Saturn and Uranus in harmony with your Leo Sun are good for reinventing your career. June will have you busy again work - ing on future projects but best alone. VIRGO: April has your rul- ing planet Mercury in ret- rograde that can have you revising or renegotiating previous finan- cial agreements. That, along with am- bitious Mars in your 9th of promotions, marketing and travel will be keeping you busy. In May career Saturn will be in harmony with inventive Uranus, which could be lucrative for any real estate ventures and diplomatic Venus giving you a good deal. Your inner child comes out in June as you enjoy life to the full - est attending parties, entertainment venues and sports events. LIBRA: Relationships and contracts are highlighted in April but a retrograde Mercury could have you backtracking and rethinking your expectations. Lov - ing Venus triggers your partnership sector in May and will have some fall- ing in love while others reconcile any previous tensions. Restless Mars will be transiting your 9th of travel making May a good time for vacationing with loved ones or meeting someone new on a trip. June will have diplomatic Ve - nus in your 8th sector and an ideal time for negotiating lucrative agreements. SCORPIO: April has your at- tention drawn to your work tasks but with Mercury in retrograde also cleaning up previous job mishaps. Mars will also be trans - iting your relationship sector, which could have you in heated discussions that erupt into arguments. You will seek more harmony with others in May with the Sun transiting your relationship sector and serious Saturn in your 2nd of income in harmony with innovative Uranus. This will present new ways of increasing your income. Venus brings you loving relationships in June. SAGITTARIUS: With com- munication Mercury retro- grade in April and impul- sive Mars transiting your 6th house of employment it would be best to work alone as you may be too impatient to work with others. May will be more en - joyable with pleasure-seeking Venus transiting your sector of fun and ro- mance and with assertive Mars in your relationship sector – this could bring you a new love in May or reawaken the passion in a current relationship. June has Venus in the 6th bringing more harmony and cooperation at your job. CA P R I CO R N : A m b i t i o u s Mars in April may have you taking financial risks but with analytical Mercury in retrograde you may want to avoid gambling or the stock market. Attractive Venus enters your 4th of home and family in May and may have you buying new furniture or hosting family events. Liberating Ura - nus in your 4th may have some of you thinking of moving. Social Venus in June transits your 5th of children, romance and entertainment giving a pleasurable month for enjoying the good life. AQUARIUS: Critical Mercury retrogrades in April in your 3rd house of communica - tions causing you to possibly misspeak before thinking. Irritable Mars in the 4th of your home life is best channeled to- ward house repairs. Charming Venus transits your 3rd in May helping you heal any previous disagreements and also making it an ideal period for writing and speaking engagements. Ambitious Mars in June transits your work sector, which will keep you very busy. Howev - er, it may be best to work alone as you may be too impatient and not very co- operative with co-workers. PISCES: Decisive Mercury is retrograde in April having you second-guessing your choices especially regarding finan - cial matters. But in May benefic Venus enters Aries giving you opportunities to increase your income. Along with the Sun in the 3rd you may be shining at job interviews or sales meetings. In June courageous Mars enters your 5th of romance, fun and games making it ideal for competing in sports and being physically active. [ ] 120

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