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Fall 2016

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01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 The fi lm festival human rights theme was apparent with the opening night features :ųååĹƵĜÏĘ FĹƋåųűƋĜŅűĬ8ĜĬĵ 8åŸƋĜƴ±ĬkŞåĹĜĹč cĜčĘƋ{±ųƋƼ On Thursday, June 9th GIFF celebrated an evening of human rights and premiered: Little Boxes (Opening Night Feature) and The Anthropologist (Opening Night Documentary). The fi lm presentations were followed by an Opening Night Party at the Boys & Girls Club in Greenwich. This star-studded event included a live concert by John Popper (Blues Traveler) and Dar Williams (The Anthropologist). Actress Kristin Davis presented the award for Best Social Impact Film and Samsung hosted a VR Lounge. 01. Jeff Elliott, Maryann Smith, Donna Gerard, John Paolini 02. Jill Schecter, Clay Pecorin, Ginger Stickel 03. Ashley McCormick, Alexis Donovan 04. Leigh Teixeira, Ginge Cabrera 05. Warren and Louisa Greene, Renee Ketcham, Sue Baker 06. Samsung 07. Maryann Ghirardelli, Mr. Ghirardelli, Lauren Clayton 08. Colleen deVeer, Kristin Davis, Wendy Stapleton Reyes 09. Julie Woods, Crystal Sachs, Trevor Woods LOOK G R E E N W I C H [ 080 ]

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