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ASTROLOGY Autumn ushers in the winds of change. By Terence Guardino To learn more about his services and to watch his monthly video forecasts, please visit ARIES: Your house of mar- riage, partnerships and contracts is being high- lighted, which brings opportunities in these areas until next September. De- cember 19 through January 27 is the best time for developing long range projects behind the scenes and keep- ing a low profile. Your career sector could slow down from December 19 to January 4. Business plans will be back on track in January. February will be the best time to launch your new projects. TAURUS: November to mid-December will be an active period for busi- ness along with expansive possibili- ties through September bringing you more work projects. It is an ideal time for learning new job skills. December 19 – January 4 complications could oc - cur with travel or marketing plans. Net- working and collaborations will open up the second half of December until the end of January. You will be working behind the scenes from January 27 to March 10, after that will be the time to launch your projects. GEMINI: You will have luck and growth from now until next September bringing opportunities with creative projects and investments as well as with children and romance. You will be busy traveling or promoting new marketing ideas from November through mid-December. Your career sector is open to initiating new projects until the end of January. It's best to lay low when negotiating between December 19 and January 4. Late January through February you will accomplish your goals. CANCER: Your mind will be on relationships and con - tracts December through early February, though communica- tions could break down from Decem- ber 19 – January 4. You will have luck with real estate and support from fam- ily through September. You may be traveling from mid-December through the end of January. Your career sector will be highlighted through early March heating up your professional activities. LEO: November to mid- December is a good time to be assertive with busi- ness negotiations, though it may be a stressful moment in personal relation- ships. Now through next September is a favorable time for learning, writing, sell- ing and traveling. December into early February will keep you busy at work. It's a good moment for learning new job skills. December 19 – January 4 could be a problematic time at your job. Feb - ruary will be good for promotions, mar- keting and more professional training. VIRGO: November to mid- December is an ambitious time in your work sec- tor keeping you busy accomplishing a great deal, but best if you can work alone as co-workers would only slow you down and irritate you. Your income and optimism will increase between now and next September, be careful not to spend too much. Attention to - wards creative projects, children, in- vestments and recreational activities will be happening between December and February, but be cautious about making decisions from December 19 to January 4. LIBRA: Optimism is in the air from November to mid- December creating a time for adventure and gambling. You may be prone to making risky investments. Real estate matters or family activities will be a focus from December until early February. Avoid important deci - sions from December 19 to January 4. A good time to negotiate business deals, but can trigger tensions in personal re- lationships is January 27 to March 10. SCORPIO: November to mid-December is favora- ble for moving or home improvements but may trigger ten- sions within the family. Spiritual stud- ies, retreats, charity and international travels are highlighted until September. December 19 to January 4 communi- cations will slow down, especially with siblings and neighbors. February into early March is a busy time, as you may launch a new business or start a new job or work project. SAGITTARIUS: Your social circle will be expanding, giving you support from friends and associates through Sep - tember. Attention will be on your fi- nances December through early Febru- ary as you will be thinking about how to increase your income. December 19 to January 4 is not the best time to make any changes. January 27 to March 10 you will have a desire for children and romance. It is a favorable time for rec - reational activities and enjoying life. CAPRICORN: Now until next September is favorable for broadening your career opportunities, and increasing your vis - ibility. Your superiors will acknowledge your work accomplishments. Novem- ber to mid-December ambition will drive you to earn more money, though you could be prone to impulsive spending. December into early Febru - ary will have you expressing your ideas åýŅųƋĬ域ĬƼ±ĹÚŸƋĜĵƚĬ±ƋĜĹč±ÚåŸĜųåƋŅ learn. December 19 to January 4 is a good time to lay low. AQUARIUS: November to mid-December is a good time for initiating new pro - jects, taking the lead and gaining more ŸåĬüěÏŅĹĀÚåĹÏåţcŅƵƋĘųŅƚčĘåŞƋåĵ- ber there will be many opportunities to expand with education, publishing and travel. December into early February is a good time for developing new ideas and projects. Income will be highlighted from mid- December through January. You will be working hard to promote new business projects. P I S C ES : N ov e m b e r to mid-December is a good time to be working behind the scenes developing new projects to launch after January 4 and before January 27 compelling you to take ac - tion and promote your ideas. January 27 to March 10 you are actively pursu- ing ways to increase your income. Your ĀűĹÏĜ±ĬŅŞŞŅųƋƚĹĜƋĜåŸƵĜƋĘģŅĜĹƋƴåĹ- tures, investors and contracts will in- crease through September.

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