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Fall 2016

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01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 01. Larry Codraro, James and Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Rosenbaum 02. Rob and Kristy Harteveldt 03. Chris and Leason Cercy and Meredith and Darren Shames 04. Heather Mosley, Kathy Slocum, Lisa Quackenbush 05. Donna Gerard, Bobby Walker, Glenn Sutton 06. Haley Fisher, Diana Litchfi eld, Laura and Rob Glanville 07. Charles and Amy Balducci 08. Brian Feurtado, Beth Taylor Mardi Gras, an evening to celebrate the Boys & Girls Club of Greenwich raised essential funds to keep Greenwich youth safe and productive during after- school hours. Contributions from this event provide quality programs with caring mentors to children from families who are struggling to make ends meet – all for $50 a year. Fabulous event Co-Chairs were Holly Cassin and Abigail Ritman and the Décor Co-Chairs were Chairs Meg Critchell and Tammy O'Sullivan. Boys & Girls Club of Greenwich Annual BeneĀ t – Mardi Gras! Essential funds were raised to keep Greenwich youth safe and productive LOOK G R E E N W I C H [ 102 ]

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