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Growing up the daughter of avid travelers, Jordan Rhodes learned at a young age the impact that a life well-traveled can have on young minds and spirits. So four years ago, when she had her fi rst baby, it seemed only natural that she began writing city guides that outline stylish travel for families. "Even at 3 and 2, I can see the awe and excitement in their eyes when my children see something new," said Rhodes, remembering the fun they had "sliding" down the streets of San Francisco in their car and traveling on a double-decker bus in London. Now her guides have gone viral with her website, which launched last September. The site off ers travel tips to key cities like London and Paris, advice on what to pack, interviews, articles and fashion insights. She is continuing to launch new guides and has plans for almost a dozen destinations this year, including New York, Nantucket, the Hamptons, Vail, Palm Beach, Scotland, Jackson Hole, Los Angeles, Turks and Caicos and the English countryside. Plus, this spring she is working on a Glimpse app, featuring maps, guides and dozens of photos, all at your fi ngertips and easily accessible when visiting each of her featured locations. A portion of the proceeds will go to the UN Refugee Agency. "I feel that if we are fortunate enough to travel to these luxurious places, the least we can do is help the refugees travel to a better life," said Rhodes. So what has been her favorite destination? "That question is almost impossible to answer!" she said. In today's society, she said, most destinations recognize parents' desires to trav el and to expose their children to the world around them, and are increasingly child-friendly. "Even a place like Las Vegas is super kid-friendly, with lots of activities for them," said Rhodes. Her time in London leaves a soft spot in her heart for visiting the United Kingdom, but she loves the welcoming nature of the Italians and the French — and with each new adventure, she fi nds surprises around every corner. "Everywhere I go," said Rhodes, "I fall in love and want to move there." Quick look ➤ TRAVEL In a Glimpse Greenwich's Jordan Rhodes is giving parents a peek at what luxury travel with children could be like when you have all the right tools. Jordan Rhodes off ers lots of advice on the dos and don'ts of traveling with children on her website, Here are a few of her top tips for making your journey enjoyable. DO bring distractions. There's absolutely nothing worse than a bored kid because that's when they start throwing things. And screaming. Don't ever forget to charge your electronics. An iPad that dies is my biggest fear. DO make sure your kids are comfortable. Layers are helpful and beloved toys and blankets are essential. I left a pacifi er at home once and it was like a scene from a horror movie. Now I make lists, including outfi ts for each day, so I am super organized. DO bring tons of snacks. On a long fl ight, I will ignore my better judgement and allow the kids to eat the junk foods I never buy at home, because in a confi ned space with innocent bystanders I'm perfectly fi ne bribing them with gummy bears to keep the peace. DON'T plan too much upon arrival. No matter how old your kids are, they need time to adjust, especially if you are traveling across time zones. DON'T forget to treat yourself. When all else fails, on long fl ights, be sure to order a glass of wine when the beverage cart rolls by! Travel-Ready Tips CHICHI UBIÑA [ ] 016

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