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[ ] 142 ASTROLOGY Spring is an ideal time for renewal. Here's a look at the months ahead. By Terence Guardino To learn more about his services and to watch his monthly video forecasts, please go to ARIES: It's all about your work. Assertive Mars aligns with cautious Saturn from March through May, which will either give controlled progress or frustrating delays regarding matters of travel, mar- keting, publishing or education. The key for progress is patience and determina- tion, especially from mid-April through June. Discerning Mercury will keep you thinking about your income from April to mid-June, but expansive Jupiter may off er protection by providing opportuni- ties for job growth, better working con- ditions and learning new work skills. TAURUS: You may be tak- ing a risk. Ambitious Mars aligns with controlled Sat- urn March through May, highlighting your financial obligations, business nego tiations, loans and taxes. This may trigger either fi nancial anxieties or fo- cused determination. Discerning Mer- cury will be in Taurus April through mid- June, a good time for brainstorming ideas or thinking and planning out dif- ferent options. You will have protection in your investments, creative ideas and speculations from fortunate Jupiter. GEMINI: Kindness will get you ahead. Impatient Mars aligns with restrictive Sat- urn March through May, transiting your sector of marriage, partnerships, clients and trade. If you aren't considering the feelings of others, this may result in major tensions. Working hard with part- ners can be favorable as long as you are respecting each other. The positive opportunities come from family sup- port or through real estate ventures, es- pecially working with a partner and with home improvement projects. CANCER: You need to stay focused. Ambitious Mars aligns with limiting Sat- urn in the sector ruling your daily work routine from March through May. This routine can indicate job stresses, and will be best for you to work alone, as you may be too impatient collaborating with co-workers. You can channel this energy constructively through exercise. Mercury will have you revising your long-range goals April through May as expansive Jupiter gives luck and op- portunities with travel, sales, communi- cations, learning and interviews. LEO: Your business ad- vances with a slow and steady plan. Aggressive Mars aligns with controlled Saturn March through May in your fi fth sec- tor. With cautious optimism, gambling, speculations and investments can be favorable for investing when the mar- ket bottoms out. Be careful of any rash fi nancial decisions. Discerning Mercury will be transiting your career sector April through mid-June as lucky Jupi- ter highlights your income sector. With good due diligence in business mat- ters, you can come out ahead. VIRGO: Patience is needed with family or real estate matters. Energetic Mars aligns with restrictive Saturn March through May in the sector ruling home, family and property. You may need to make home repairs unless you are re- modeling. This may be more diffi cult than you expect and can cause ten- sions within the family. Fortunate Jupi- ter continues in Virgo, enhancing your reputation and bringing you more op- portunities for growth and travel, espe- cially as restless Mercury transits your sector of travel April through mid-May. LIBRA: Being prepared and focused goes a long way. Impulsive Mars aligns with controlled Saturn March through May, giving sustained growth or frustrating delays in the areas of communications, learning, sales and interviews. The key to progress will be patience. Communi- cation Mercury highlights the sector of fi nancial obligations from April through mid-June, helping you negotiate the best deals. Expansive Jupiter is favor- able for study, development and re- searching future projects. This is also a good time for attending retreats to re- charge your body and soul. SCORPIO: Friends and part- ners can help you make fi nancial progress. Ambi- tious Mars aligns with responsible Sat- urn March through May in your sector of cash fl ow. This can either result in frustrations or slow and steady prog- ress. Communication Mercury high- lights your sector of partnerships and contracts April through mid-June and is good for discussing ideas as fortu- nate Jupiter expands your goals and gives support from friends and associ- ates. Friends are willing to advise you through any fi nancial challenges. SAGITTARIUS: Hard work and education will serve you well. Assertive Mars aligns with focused Saturn March through May in Sagittarius. This can ei- ther frustrate your ambitions or support you through controlled determination. Intelligent Mercury transits your work sector April through mid-June, a time that is positive for learning new skills and for collaborating with co-workers. Expansive Jupiter highlights your ca- reer sector, giving growth and recogni- tion in your career. This is an ideal time for more professional training. CAPRICORN: Prepare for long-range goals. Asser- tive Mars aligns with con- trolled Saturn March through May, best for working behind the scenes and for developing future projects with a focused purpose. Without a goal you may feel stuck. You will balance your work with a personal life as restless Mercury wants to play and expansive Jupiter wants to travel. You may be seeking more professional training as part of your plan to succeed with your goals and aspirations. AQUARIUS: Financial gains can be yours through hard wo r k . A g g r e s s i v e M a r s aligns with controlled Saturn March through May in the sector ruling your goals, friendships and collaborations, giving you steady growth with disci- plined purpose. Friends and associates can either help you achieve your goals or block your progress if they are jeal- ous. Fortunate Jupiter in the sector of joint ventures and banking can bring you loans, gifts, investors, settlements or an inheritance. With a plan and pa- tience, you can advance fi nancially. PISCES: Business partner- ships may be your ticket for success. Ambitious Mars aligns with determined Saturn in your career sector March through May. This can result in you accomplishing slow and steady hard work or feeling very stuck. The key is to ask for help and not go it alone, as expansive Jupiter tran- sits your partnership sector, favorable for marriage and forming business alli- ances. Intelligent Mercury will be in the sector of sales, interviews, learning and travel from April through mid-June, fa- voring all these subjects.

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