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Spring 2016

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When your step-grandmother is Lily Pulitzer and your father, James Anthony "Tony" Boalt, was once named one of America's 50 most stylish men by GQ magazine, it seems it's almost inevitable that a life of fashion will follow. Strong Boalt menswear designer Amanda Boalt has been interested in clothing design for as long as she can remember. Growing up in Palm Beach and spending many a season on her grandfather Enrique Rousseau's estate playing with her two brothers and male cousins, her childhood was a swirl of color, fashion, sunshine and boys. Her time as a menswear buyer at Ralph Lauren sealed her fate. "Ralph Lauren was a really strong leader. He had a hand in everything…," said Boalt. The brand he built and the aspirational world he created is a huge accomplishment. I really like the aesthetic of the brand and the attention they pay to the way the retail spaces feel." Fast forward to 2009 when she founded her own line of men's swimwear with custom-designed prints and a color palette refl ecting the same lifestyle Pulitzer was inspired by in 1969: sun, beach, sport and fun. "When I fi rst launched, I saw a white space in the menswear market," said Boalt. "From there, I wanted to build a collection around a casual beach style." Last November, Strong Boalt took the leap from a brand sold online and through retail and resort locations, to one with its own retail store in Boalt's hometown. The new shop at 326 Peruvian Avenue in Palm Beach, comes at the perfect time as she readies to launch her fi rst full collection of resort wear this November. What's to come will include more polos, shirts and pants, plus new lines of loungewear, accessories and outerwear for men. Ever since she and her husband of two years, Alexander Coleman, had their one-year-old Jack she is also itching to expand the boys line to include clothing. "Everyone is asking for polos," she said. "A miniature version of the menswear would be fun." If you haven't visited the store yet, stop by during their fi rst special event: a show, in collaboration with Christie's, of vintage watches planned for this March. STRONG BOALT 326 Peruvian Avenue, No. 9, Palm Beach, Fla., 561-530-7333, A Fashionable Fate Menswear designer Amanda Boalt is carrying on the family tradition of a life well styled. Quick look ➤ STYLE CHICHI UBIÑA

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